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An Adventure After All (14/09/14)

I am once again writing from Nottingham! Today my Mum very kindly drove me (and my ridiculous amount of stuff) to my new house and I’ve actually nearly unpacked…sort of. When I initially got all my gear into my new room (attic again - yes!), I could barely move! All the boxes and bags are emptied and stuff is roughly where I want it to be…just perhaps not very neatly yet =P I’ve also been for a shop and have stocked up my cupboard and fridge shelf. Despite seemingly spending quite a lot, it still feels like I have nothing to eat (well apart from tonnes of crisps and chocolate). Anyways, I consider myself moved in and I’m ready for a week of preseason starting bright and early tomorrow!

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Perfect timing. 

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Have you ever been stung by a jellyfish? Want to know what was actually happening? First ever footage (that I’ve seen) of an actual jellyfish sting in microscopic slow motion. Check it out! 

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Thinking about vortex funnels and Australian coins:

The 50 cent piece in Australia doesn’t roll well. It’s never been a problem for me until this vortex spiral wishing well. By the way the ideal shape for these wells is defined by the equation

y= -1/|x| 

Ok… I should probably start focusing on my flight.

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9 year old boy born without ears has them created from ribs

Kieran Sorkin was born with no ears due to a rare condition called microtia, but surgeons in the UK were able to make him a pair using a little bit of rib cartilage. Kieran’s new ears were modelled on his mum’s.

The surgery is cosmetic, not to improve hearing, but it brings huge psychological benefits.

"I want people to stop asking me questions", said Kieran from Hertfordshire. "I’d like just to look like my friends.

"I’d also like to be able to wear sunglasses and earphones."

Kieran’s mum Louise Sorkin said: “He’s a very sociable boy and has longed for this operation for years.

It definitely has put a huge smile on his face - and on mine, too…



Balloon dilatation of the stenosed internal jugular vein (photo from an X-ray angiograph monitor). While pressure in the balloon is relatively low, stenosis prevents the balloon from inflating in the middle. Further increase in pressure will dilate the narrowing and restore the full blood flow.



School’s about to start. Why settle for boring binders when you can get these space binders from my Thinx Shop on Zazzle?

If people actually still use binders then I gotta say these are 100% the binders you need to have.

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How the Sun Sees You: People Discover What They Look like under Ultraviolet Light, and the Startling Power of Sunscreen

I’ve seen this done with still photography before, but never with video. Whaaaaaaa…

People of the paler persuasions, please watch and think about this before you decide to covet and idolize tan skin as the cornerstone of beauty. I shudder to think how many thymine dimers are lurking inside our invisible freckles like ticking neoplastic time bombs.

Also, how adorable is everyone in this video?

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In February 1935, a chimpanzee at London Zoo called Boo-Boo gave birth to a baby daughter. A couple of months later, a little blonde-haired girl was given a soft-toy replica of the zoo’s new arrival to mark her first birthday. This was Jane Goodall’s first recorded encounter with a chimp.

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